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The Concept

The more people trained in the ways of American Business Skills around the world, the more American businesses will sell around the world. One of the best ways to spread those skills is by hosting international interns and trainees in the United States.

Through structured and guided training experiences, the J-1 Intern and Trainee programs expose top emerging talent from around the world to American products, services, and ways of doing business.

When they return home, they and their companies often reach back to the U.S. to buy products and services, directly supporting the American economy and job growth. Their knowledge and networks help to greatly ease and expand opportunities for U.S. companies overseas.

Every year, international interns and trainees help American companies generate $300 million in new business during their U.S. internships and programs.

The Coalition
A business may host a small or a large number of international interns and trainees for a short period of time. Yet, they can all continue to benefit from a network of hundreds of thousands of former interns and trainees, now working at firms around the globe. Having been screened and selected by leading American businesses, they represent the best of the best. In many cases, they have gone on to senior positions or to start their own companies.

As a member of the Coalition for American Business Skills, you will have access to this exceptional network. Whether you seek to promote your company to all of these former interns and trainees or access those fitting a specific criteria, the Coalition can serve as an invaluable resource.

The Conversation
Members are asked to help spread the word about the impact that these internships, trainee programs, and Coalition resources have on their business. They are able to use the logo and designation as a certified American Business Skill company. This allows former interns and trainees to easily identify and contact the business, along with connecting and elevating their message with the experiences of others. Cultural Vistas, a nonprofit that facilitates skill-building global internship and trainee programs, is coordinating these activities.

78% of U.S. internship and trainee alumni report they're more inclined to buy or recommend American products or services as a result of their time in the U.S.

65% of alumni use the skills they gained in the U.S. on a daily basis.

50% of alumni helped create new business connections between their U.S. host companies and home countries.

Join the Coalition

Join the Coalition for American Business Skills

Joining the Coalition is free and open to any company or organization.

For more information on the work of the Coalition for American Business Skills and how your business can participate, please contact Kathy Artus.

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Quick Reference Guide to American Business Skills

Injected with optimism. Energized by an entrepreneurial spirit. Business practices in the United States are based on a series of key features. They are not unique to the country, but are found here in greater quantities than in most place in the world.

Businesses learn how to operate within a system of strict adherence to the rules. Employees refine the skills to achieve their goals without violating these norms. They depend on directness and honesty to make their case. The system is infused with a strong sense of equality. This even playfield provides an opportunity for greater advancement, rewarding those with the best skills, ideas, and endurance.

Clarity of communications. Salesmanship is a core skill in the United States. It permeates every aspect of our lives. We learn to pitch and close the deal better than almost anyone on the planet. Whether we are trying to sell someone on our ideas or on the purchase of a product, Americans get plenty of practice and have a plethora of chance to perform their powers of persuasion.

The promise of tomorrow. American businesses believe they have and can harness the power to transform almost any challenge into a positive. Employees develop the skills for locating the possible through the fog of problems. Guided only by the belief in a better tomorrow, they have to navigate amidst obstacles and uncertainty. Ultimately, they carve out of those impediments a diamond that opens a new path for them and their company.

Thriving amidst complexity and diversity. The United States is an exceptionally complicated country, with many contradictions and contrasts. Employees at American companies learn the skills to survive and thrive in such an environment. They are able to sift through vast amounts of information and interests to identify the core concerns. With colleagues and consumers who come from starkly different backgrounds, working in the United States demand that you develop the ability to engages and embrace differences.

Change is a constant across American businesses. Fierce competition requires companies to keep up and seek out new ways to satisfy a demanding market. Employees need to develop the capacity to adapt and reinvent their work on a regular basis. They must embrace risk and experiment, often failing several times in the pursuit of what might be possible. Unlike in other cultures, failure is not a stain. Instead, entrepreneurs and employees need to be willing to endure repeated less than successful experiments to get ahead.

Cutting-edge capabilities. Employees need to develop sophisticated skills to use the latest technology and innovations succeed in the United States. American universities and research labs churn out new inventions on a daily basis. Whether they are working in medical, management, or motor vehicles, our workforce must integrate and master these new tools. This provides them with a significant comparative advantage.

What They're Saying

Jenai Kavaranda

India | 2015 Alum

This internship was so much more than a design internship. I learned how startups function and grow, I learned how to make business decisions, I learned how to strategize and position the company – skills I could not have learned this quickly anywhere else.

Adam Giles

Australia | 2013 Alum

I got to learn all aspects of the business, from business development to partnership marketing to international operations and teams. To be involved in all different aspects of the promotional side of the business was an incredible opportunity.

João Almeida

Portugal | 2017 Alum

Coming to the U.S. brought new opportunities to me. I met a lot of talented people and got access to resources that I wouldn't have back in Portugal. I experienced new working methodologies and different cultural perspectives. I believe those were important for me not only professionally, but also for my personal development.